Day 1

Pratipada: Ghata Sthapana


Relevant Texts for today:
Devi Mahatmyam: | Full Navratri Book

List of items required for thr first day:
  1. Kalash (made of Earth or Copper or Brass )
  2. 10 Leaves of Pan or Mango
  3. One coconut unshaved
  4. Kumkum paste
  5. Akshada (Rice mixed with Haldi & Kumkum),
  6. Loose flowers
  7. Small Garland for neck of Kalash
  8. One Parat (big plate) of Earth or Copper or Brass
  9. Loose Earth (soil) to fill 3/4thof the parat
  10. Wheat Grains (50 gm approximately)
  11. Water

Background and concept behind the puja of Ghatha Sthapana on the first dayof Navaratri

The first day of Navratri is signified by the Puja of the God’s desire to create theUniverse … which is called Ghatha Sthapana (Laying Of the Foundation), and then thepuja of Shri Ganesha which was the first creation of the God. The puja of Ghatha Sthapana is performed to offer our prayers and gratitude to the God’s desire for creation of the Universe and the subsequent evolution of life in this Universe. Symbolically the desire of the God is kept in the Kumbha and the creation of the universe takes place gradually in an evolved manner around this desire, which is represented by sowing the seeds of life in the soil around this kumbha and the subsequent growth of thewheat shoots (which signifies life) around this Kumbha.

Symbolically the Kumbha also represents the Sacrum Bone in human beings. Thesacrum bone contains the pure desire. On this auspicious day, we should all pray to ShriMataji to awaken our pure desire to become one with Her, the All Mighty